General services

Our main services include auditing and acting as a sparring partner for small and mid-sized companies owned by principal shareholders and sole proprietors in Denmark.

Our aim is to provide traditional accounting services in a committed and relevant way based on each client’s individual circumstances.

Auditing and accounting services
For most small and mid-sized Danish companies, the statutory audit and accounting assistance are closely linked because both services are provided by external suppliers.

In our experience, the best professional and financial solution for companies is to choose the same supplier for these services. Wherever possible, we pool our auditing and accounting resources to provide our clients with the most efficient solution possible.

Permanent teams carry out the work to ensure that our clients receive assistance and advice from accountants who are intimately acquainted with their businesses.

Tax planning
A significant part of our work is consultancy related to taxes and duties. Tax is a major expense for many companies and private individuals. It may be difficult to assess taxable income correctly without in-depth knowledge of applicable tax rules.

Companies engaged in international activities need the advice of experts with thorough insight into tax legislation and double tax treaties in order to make the best tax decisions.

Correct accounting treatment of VAT and duties can save our clients substantial sums. Making appropriate decisions requires knowledge of complex tax and duties legislation and EU regulations.

Tax rules have a major impact on the post-tax income of private individuals, and keeping up-to-date on these rules helps reduce tax liability. We can offer highly specialized services that support careful and valuable long-term tax planning for principal shareholders and their companies.

IT services
Choosing a financial control system is an expensive and complex decision for many companies. We have extensive experience in selecting financial control systems and work with well-reputed IT companies to provide solutions specially adapted to the short- and long-term needs of the individual business.

Moreover, we have in-depth IT expertise and offer qualified advice on selecting and implementing ERP systems.