We aim to be the most inspiring workplace in the sector in order to attract, retain and develop well-qualified employees.

Our employees must be able to work independently and have excellent qualifications. This means they must meet the following basic requirements:

  • Professional skills:
    Detailed knowledge of auditing, accounting and tax legislation.
    An understanding of the accounting business and the sector as a whole.
    Ability to recognize the client’s real needs.
    Ability to use effective audit tools.
  • Credibility:
    A personality that inspires confidence.
    Correct handling of confidential information.
    An honest and realistic approach.
    Knowledge of own limitations.
  • Good interpersonal skills:
    A positive and constructive attitude.
    Ability to make good situational judgments.
    Good people skills and empathy.
    Willingness to share knowledge.
  • Quality-conscious:
    A methodical and systematic approach
    Managing client expectations.
    Offering clients the best value for money.
  • Results-oriented:
    Ability to meet targets, drive progress and maximize efficiency.
    Proactive and dynamic personality; willingness to take responsibility.

Our employees are highly qualified, work independently and enjoy a high degree of freedom.